“Turtle of Change’s” Educational Adventure in Silver Banks and Cabarete, Dominican Republic

By San Francisco Bay American Cetacean Society chapter in Sea Turtle Restoration Project

(Contributer) 2012-03-13 21:55:39

Boarding the Boat for our five day adventure we meet magnificent people from various Ocean organizations and lovers of the ocean and environment. Gene Flipse’s owner of “Conscious Breath Adventures”, Jeff Pantukhoff of “WhaleMan Foundation”, Laura Lyell of “Allied Whale Foundation”, Jodi Frediani, whale photographer, Lindsay Garrett of “Manatee Springs” were amongst the many wonderful boat mates. There were so many returning guests (some from the 90’s!) and now I know why.



Tags:    boarding the boatGene FlipseConscious Breath AdventuresJeff PantukhoffWhaleMan FoundationLaura LyellAllied Whale FoundationJodi FredianiLindsay GarrettManatee Springs

Geo Location: Dominican Republic

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