Sea Angels in California

By Sea Angels in Sea Angels

2012-05-25 23:11:31

Went to California last week to see my family.  One of my missions was to see how their beaches compare to ours here in south Florida and also I was commissioned to an Eco-Talk and project at my nephews pre-school.


We flew in late Wed night and were to do the eco-talk the next morning.  So without preparing a speech or really knowing which direction I would go with these kids I decided to wing it.  Normally I would have been extremely prepared with notes and visuals but I realized I had a certain time limit before I would lose my audience to, well any kind of distraction...they are only 4.  


My nephew was my helper and I started to talk to 40 pre-schoolers.  I asked the question, "Why don't litter?", to which my nephew answered, without any coaching or prompting from me, "It makes the earth sad and we need to respect it".  I could not have said it better.  The more I talked the more the kids would contribute and to my surprise these kids were so knowledgable about the environment.  I held up a plastic bottle and said what do we do with this?  I thought they would say throw it away but alas I was wrong.  A little boy raised his hand and said "Recycle it".  What?  I was stunned that these little ones know more than most adults.


After my talk each kid was involved in an art project I came up with.  With plastic bottles and caps I found on our beaches here I made over 40 magnet flowers for the kids to paint.  It was a reminder of our day, not to litter and how you can upcycle.  The mothers that helped were impressed that these were all upcycled and also I heard the parents absolutely loved the flowers when the kids brought them home.  It just made me happy to know that our kids already have a grasp on what it is to be eco-friendly.


Before I finished my speech I made all the promise to be litter Warriors and to never litter.  They shouted it out for me and I know that this generation may be the generation to help take over for us when we can no longer do what we do.  They will keep their promise because they know more than we did as children about this problem.



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Geo Location: Manhattan Beach, USA

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  • Ivan Martinetti
    Ivan Martinetti,San Francisco, USA
    May 25, 2012
    That is one very encouraging news and this was a great project.
  • Sea Angels
    Sea Angels,Boynton Beach, USA
    May 27, 2012
    Thanks Ivan. My sister told me that the Mom's loved the flowers and when I told some of them that all these flowers were made from bottles and caps I found on the beach they were surprised. We have to teach this kids young because let's face it, they will bug their parents to do the right thing:)
  • Ivan Martinetti
    Ivan Martinetti,San Francisco, USA
    May 27, 2012
    Yes, that is THE ONLY way really. Adults in most cases are just not willing to change but they can be embarrassed to do it in front of their kids when they know that their kids don't like it.
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