GAC-ATTACK! - Biodegradable Sports Bottle Water Filters

By Nic D. in FanPlastic News

2013-02-26 01:54:11

I found a fantastic new company whose innovative, planet loving, turtle hugging idea has changed the way I drink! They're called GAC Filters , and these tiny, tea bag look-a-likes are my new favorite eco must have!

So, here's the deal - Disposable plastic water filters that you use in pitchers in your fridge (you know, the ones with the lids that constantly fall INTO the pitcher?) and faucet mounted filters (the filters that make it so you can only fit 4 inch cups under the tap) - when they have maxed out their life time - they end up in the trash. Which means, to the landfill with them! Unless you are one in the very very few people who have actually contacted the brand to arrange mail back of the empty cartridges. Who does that?

GAC avoids this process entirely; made with granulated coconut carbon and encased in mesh bags made completely out of plant starch; these filters go in your greenbin when you are finished with them. No blue bags and no trips to the bottle depot!

I’m over plastic filters. It’s time to show plastic who’s boss and give it a swift kick in the past! Less talk, more sustainable action.

Visit GAC Filters today, and change tomorrow.

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Follow them for awesome updates and contests! @GACFilters



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